Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Schiphol Turkish Airlines crash

Yet another blood-goes-cold moment. This was my husband's previous aircraft type, the 737-800. The Boeing Next Generation, a new design, and apparently a very reliable one at that. Yet, here it is, in a field near Amsterdam, and 9 people have lost their lives. It's a wonder there weren't many more deaths, when you see that the plane actually broke into three pieces, with the tail section being ripped open.

There doesn't seem to be any obvious cause so far, and I hate speculation, anyway. Everyone always has an opinion, usually a wrong one!

It's just the worst nightmare of those who love someone who flies for a living.

Here's a link to the story:

***I've just found out that three of the crew, including both pilots and possibly a third in the jumpseat, are among the dead. My heart goes out to their poor families, particularly since they had to suffer the indignity of the cockpit being filmed from outside before the bodies were removed. Rest in peace.

And by the way, to all journalists reading this - there were TWO pilots (if not three, I can't yet find out) on the flight deck at the time. When you refer to "the pilot" you mean the CAPTAIN.

Sadly, I doubt they'll ever read that, but I feel better anyway!

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  1. As you've correctly pointed out, it's not to speculate at this juncture, but speculation often drives a strategy of inquiry.
    One strong contender in terms of possibility could be fuel exhaustion or leakage during flight, and this suspicion arises from the fact that there was no fire following impact, which is most unusual for such a major impact.
    Sounds strange, but is plausible.
    Dr. Manoj Chakravarty, Bahrain




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