Thursday, 4 November 2010

Moving on up

Exciting times here in the Flying High household. We're in the process of moving from our company apartment to a huge villa with five - yes, count 'em, five - bedrooms! It also has a roof terrace, two balconies and crucially, a back garden, something I've been craving ever since we moved here. I can't wait to have some private outside space back, especially as our little boy grows and starts to need more space to play.

The villa is unfurnished, so we've had a huge challenge furnishing it for a reasonable price, but it's been quite fun, actually. There's a big second hand market here as lots of expats turn up, buy new furniture and leave within a couple of years, so there are bargains to be had. We've managed to find a gorgeous king size bed and matching bedside tables and dresser for £500, two lovely single beds for £100 for both, and much more besides. I can't wait to live somewhere where we've actually chosen the furniture for a change!

The move came about really as a result of my PND. We realised we were both feeling quite claustrophobic in company accommodation. We realise too that we are out here for the long haul - at least another four years in reality - and so we both feel it's time to have a HOME here, not just somewhere to live. When we walked into the villa we both knew instinctively that it was perfect, somewhere where our family could grow and be very happy.

So, we have removal day set for Sunday... Wish us luck!



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