Monday, 2 February 2009


England is covered in a rather magical blanket of snow today. We haven't had this much of the white stuff since I was a little girl. I adore the snow, but I must say it really hasn't been the same without my husband. As CS Lewis would say, I feel rather like I'm in a country that's always winter, but never Christmas...

If my husband was here we'd be out in the snow madly throwing snowballs and building a snowman (or lady) - but as it is, I've spent the day snowed in, looking at the world beyond my house with some sadness. I couldn't get the car out and therefore couldn't make it to work, and being forced to spend the whole day alone has been pretty rubbish.

I've been diligently keeping busy up until now, which has worked very well. I've busied myself seeing friends and doing jobs, and I've had very little time to take in the magnitude of what's going on. Today, though, I've had nothing but my own thoughts (and, I must admit, Mamma Mia on DVD!) for company. You've got to love Mamma Mia. Terrible singing, but relentlessly upbeat. I've needed it today.

Anyhow, I've managed to pack a few boxes, do a bit of ironing, and throw a few things away, so I've made another few small steps towards the big move. But there are so many more steps left to take....

Still, I'm going to try to enjoy what's left of the snow, because Lord knows when I'll see some next!

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  1. Enjoy your snow!!!!! :) I can't wait to get to Hyderabad where is is a stable 70 degrees or better right now! Then again here in South Dakota it has been snowing constantly this winter!!!! I hope all is going well with you and your preparations for your move....I leave for India in 36 hours!!!! Crazy!!! :)




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