Sunday, 8 February 2009

Long distance lives

It's been two and a half weeks now since my husband and I said goodbye at Heathrow. It's the longest we've ever been apart, and we're not even half-way yet. My leaving date is still up in the air, as it relies on various paperwork being done by the airline, and things move very slowly in the Gulf!

To make things worse, we don't yet have an internet connection in our new apartment, so we're relying on a local mobile and a friend's internet connection for occasional Skype sessions. It doesn't make for easy chatting, but we're managing to speak twice a day on average, so that's what matters, really. My husband's getting to grips with his new type rating, which is being condensed to half the time the manufacturers think it should take - hence he's got practically no days off, and he's exhausted. It's a tall order. Still, when he's back in the air at the controls of his magnificent new aircraft, I know he'll think it was all worth it! That's what this aviation lark is about, after all.

On a completely different topic - last night I went to a friend's birthday party and encountered two breeds of homo sapiens I rarely meet; the man who has only read two books in his lifetime, who was married to another species, the woman who thinks the study of history is a waste of time. Both of them fascinated me, in a banging head against wall sort of way. Both concepts are so alien to me I just didn't know what to say, really. Well, I mean, I tried to defend history with the usual "learning from our mistakes" gubbins, and I of course pointed to Dickens, Shakespeare, Larkin etc as fine examples of literature, but honestly, there was little point. After all, it takes all sorts to make a world (I suppose).

Golly, I'm getting intolerant in my advanced age. First a spelling nazi, and now an academic bore..

Maybe I just miss my husband.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog tonight and must say my heart goes out to you. I feel crazed when my husband does two back-to-backs and is gone 7 days, I cannot fathom having him gone weeks and then some.

    I write the blog The Fly By Wife (
    and am the wife of a Boeing 777 First Officer doing long haul here in the US.

    I enjoyed your blog and will be following your writing and keeping you and your husband in my prayers.


  2. Im sorry you are hurting! I know how terribly hard it is to be apart from your husband. Ryan and i have spent more time apart than together, but our longest seperation was 10 weeks! I hope you get your departure date soon! Hang in there!

  3. Well, I guess there really is someone out there for everybody. It sounds like they were a great pair- ignorant of their ignorance.

    I hope the time apart goes fast. It's hardest when there is no send end date because it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel to watch getting closer and closer. You'll be together again soon!

  4. I also despair at people who don't read books, you just get so much information from them!

  5. To be honest, I just live and let live. There really is no point trying to educate people who don't wish to be educated!

    I have met too many people in life who know nothing, but feel they are the authority on everything!




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