Tuesday, 10 February 2009

"Married and looking"

I recently had a comment on one of my posts from someone advertising a website for people who are, I quote, "married and looking". Naturally I rejected it, but still - it got me thinking.

Firstly, it wasn't an automated spam comment, as there was actually a personalised response in the first line, so that meant someone - probably an underpaid homeworker - had gone to the trouble personally to find, read and comment on my blog with their weird ad. What a job!

Secondly, I'm not naive, I know that lots of people have affairs, but I just find it so gobsmacking that some people are so desperate to cheat that they use websites like this. Firstly, I'd have thought that sort of thing would make it easier to be found out (internet history, anyone?), and I suppose I also find it odd that people would be so desperate to seek extra-marital sex that they'd advertise on a sad site like that. If they're that unhappy in their marriage, haven't they heard of divorce?

Ho hum. Just another of mankind's dark corners, I suppose.

1 comment:

  1. I have already run into this and I thought that we were happily married. It isnt just sites like that but facebook really the worst for men to cyber cheat. mine has a facebook page showing him in his uniforn- found by error- and also says he is single.. even writes to women saying so whilst I was laying next to him in hospital one time- found it as he forgot to log off! so that has really taken a toll on the relationship. it doesnt matter if they are far or near. I now feel that as long as they dont physically ever meet them.. there is nothing one can do , esp if they say that they love you, act that way.. maybe it is fantasy that some men need but the computer has made it easier to cheat with words...




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