Sunday, 28 December 2008

The long goodbye

So, we have a start date. My husband will fly out to the Gulf in two weeks' time, and I will follow as soon as I can after that, notice period and house rental permitting. There's so much to do, but actually we've both hit the pause button for a bit.

Suddenly it is all very real, and we suddenly realise there's so much that we meant to do around where we live that we haven't done; so much we want to say "farewell" to. Yesterday we headed down to the south coast, to where my husband grew up. We visited his old haunts, went for a walk on the beach and had lunch in a pub. It was a perfect day.

I'm now on my first round of a fertility drug called Clomid. It gives me not only very disconcerting hot flashes, but also the most tremendous mood swings and crying fits. And truly, this is NOT the time for being even more emotional than usual! I am permanently a leaking tap at the moment. I think I've cried every day for the last week.

Maybe I'd just have cried a lot anyway. I just can't bear the idea of saying goodbye to all our friends and family, our pet, and our home. Every time I think about it, I well up. I know it won't be forever - hopefully only about three years - but I'm simply rubbish at change. If I had my way, nothing would change at all. Still, hobson's choice on that one. And I know we're embarking on a real adventure, which has the potential to be a wonderful thing for both of us. Wish us luck...


  1. I have known several people who have had great success with Clomid. Good luck!

  2. Ahhhh! So THAT's what Chlomid is!? i've often seen ads on-line to buy it in on-line pharmacies (usually on comments picked up in my SPAM filter).

    As for the crying... I'm like that even without fertility drugs! Well, not quite, but similar-Haha! I'm such an emotional thing.

    As for the move, I can understand your emotions, but I'm sure that once you settle in, you'll have the time of your life. You'll probably find that three years just isn't enough time there actually!

  3. After reading your blog, it appears we have even more in common than even thought at first glance! Good luck to you and your adventure also...i too will follow your pilots wife to another, best wishes!!!!!

  4. Good luck with the move (and the mood swings). I know what it's like picking up and moving away- I moved from California to Australia last year to be with my pilot. Saying goodbye was VERY hard but once you adjust to your new home, it gets a lot easier.




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