Thursday, 14 August 2008

When did I see you last?

The above question has been pretty prominent in my mind of late. We've been going through one of those spells where we've hardly seen each other. It seems that my husband's schedule couldn't be a worse fit for mine if it had actually been designed that way. We've had many of those "Hi darling, bye darling" moments at all funny times of the day and nights, and I think we've said more to each other in email and text lately than in person. Recently we rejoiced when we managed an hour and a half together before a very early bed! And our tiredness is, as ever, taking its toll, not so much on our moods, but on our feeling of wellbeing and work/life balance. I often think there isn't any in aviation!

Still, this is our holiday month! Hoorah. The joy of 24 hours a day with each other, uninterrupted by rostering, early flights and late night departures. A time to read a book and forget about climbing the slippery career ladder. Just suncream, wine, sand and hopefully sun (and not forgetting chips, crisps and chocolate, of course). Mmmmmm. Can't wait!

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