Monday, 18 August 2008

Searching and not finding

I had a look in a book shop a few days ago, to see if there were any books in there with any pearls of wisdom about my baby-related predicament.

After a game of what felt like hide and seek amongst the shelves, I found the health section, only to be confronted by what seemed like thousands and thousands of books about babies. "How to get Pregnant", "Make me a Baby", "My baby week by week", "10, 000 Baby Names" - you name the book, they had it. Just what I wanted to see, of course.

Anyway, guess how many books there were about infertility. Go on, guess. There were four. I counted them. Are women who have fertility problems so very rare? I don't think so. It just seems that we must be invisible to book publishers.

Never mind, eh. There are whole internet communities full of women like me, so I can't be on my own here. I think I'll just stick to those lovely women I've met from across the world online - getting support from people who've been there and done that is always better anyway, isn't it. God bless the internet.

And God bless my husband, too, who's just been amazing about this. I'd have thought a hormonally challenged, broody wife would be enough for any man, but he's just been so amazingly understanding. We even manage to joke about it, thanks for his enduring sense of humour in all things. Thanks so much, darling, you're the best.

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