Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding, and homesickness...

Yesterday, my husband, son and I gathered round our TV and were glued to the Royal Wedding. It felt oddly like Christmas in our house. Waving a Union flag, we indulged in a bottle of bubbly before lunch, ate celebratory choccies and felt part of something; something very historic and moving.

Afterwards, we went for a walk together (another Christmas Day tradition.) It felt so odd emerging from our front door into bright sunlight and a temperature heading upwards of 35c. There are other British families on our street, but in the main they're not, and instead of a raucous street party, we were greeted with the sound of the call to prayer, the street sweeper working his way down the road, and the bark of the dogs in one of our neighbour's houses.

Both my husband and I felt a little down last night, and we realise it's homesickness. For a few hours we were mentally on the Mall, glimpsing William and Catherine's first kisses over the crowds and anticipating the first glimpse of the bride as she journeyed to Westminster Abbey. It was an event that caused a huge swell of national pride, and it felt extremely odd not to be there. Still, I've put the Union flag on display outside our house. It now lives in our plant pot - there's nothing wrong with a bit of patriotism!

I watched a few highlights of the day online this morning and the memories are extremely rich. It was a beautiful wedding. I hope that William and Catherine (or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as they're now known!) have a brilliantly happy marriage. Lord knows, the Royal family could do with a success story....

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  1. I'd watch royal weeding and I felt I am the bride.. :) She was so lovely in her wedding dress..




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