Thursday, 5 August 2010

A long haul pilot's dream roster

My husband's currently away on a trip. To get to his destination, he had to fly throughout the night, and before he went he was bemoaning his forthcoming jetlag and the fatigue which he knew he was going to feel in the days to come.

Then, he looked again at his roster. This month, he is flying to the USA, Africa, Australia and Japan.

When he first started his training, and hell, even in his last airline job, this sort of roster would have been completely unobtainable, his idea of pilot heaven.

Reminded of this fact, he left for his flight last night with a spring in his step. A small one, mind, but it was definitely there...

Meanwhile, our son and I are missing him and looking forward to his return on Saturday. As always, a small celebration is planned.

As they say in life, it's the little things...

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