Thursday, 22 July 2010

Take That - the reunion

Obviously this news is rather old by now (personally I blame the baby!) but I just had to post about Robbie Williams' decision to rejoin Take That.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I was an ardent teenage Take That fan, and that for some reason my obsession has refused to abate in adulthood. And I must say that for a Take That fan, the idea that the original line-up may well tour together next year is very, very exciting news indeed.

Now, I appreciate that for those of you not given to liking boy bands, this will all seem very frivolous. Which, I suppose, it is - except that for some unknown reason, this band have the ability to make me feel better, always. They represent escapism (rather vital during my hormonal teenage years) and nowadays, pure, innocent and unadulterated fun.

So, I greet this news with joy. One of the best parts of being a grown-up is the awareness that you can like what you like, without worrying what anyone else thinks. So, hoorah for Take That, all five of you!

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