Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

This is the first Easter I've spent outside the UK, I think. It still feels very special, despite the fact we can't be with our families or our normal church congregation at home.

We went to church on Friday as my husband had his line-check last night and has been sleeping this morning. It went very well, and I'm very proud of him. He's now a fully fledged long-haul FO! Hours wise he's one of the least experienced First Officers the airline has hired - there are high hours Captains from UK airlines starting as FOs here - so it's quite frankly a gift from God that he got this job. Thank you, God!

Now we just have to see how we settle into the lifestyle. Having spoken to the other wives here on his fleet, it seems to be about three trips a month at the moment. I'm hoping to go on some of them with him, as the destinations are fantastic! So all very exciting. I'm also investigating getting a job out here. As much as I enjoy the rest, I can't carry on like this forever. Oddly enough for the first time in our relationship, we don't NEED my salary. It's a nice feeling, but not one that I'm going to let persuade me into becoming a stay at home expat wife!

On the subject of Easter and new life - we've been taking a rest from trying to have a baby for now. Clomid made me so wacky I'm sort of scared to go back on it, particularly combined with moving out here and all that that entails. But I think we'll get back to it soon-ish. In the mean-time, we're just enjoying some us time. I'm trying not to think about it much (but failing, of course!) There are lots of families with kids out here and it makes it kind of hard to avoid!

Still, with a little prayer to God on this most special of days - we'll see what this year brings.

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