Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Summer holiday

I've left it a little late to blog about it, but we had a fantastic week away. It's wonderful sometimes just to stop thinking about everything else except for what to eat, when to sleep, and of course, each other.

When I'm on holiday I rejoice in not having to wear a watch. It's incredibly liberating. My husband often doesn't bother either. And it was because of this that we noticed what I suspect may be a pilot trait - knowing what time it is anyway!

Every day, I'd find myself asking him whether it was time for lunch/dinner yet, roughly guessing by the position of the sun. And instead of checking his watch, he'd just announce "I think it's 12.24" or "I think it's 5.15" and incredibly, he was rarely more than 10 minutes out. How's that for a weird (and quite useful!) skill? Has anyone else spotted this?


  1. Yes, my husband can not only tell time without a watch, he knows exactly where we are at all times, and he can predict the weather!No kidding, we were at the beach this weekend, and he was like lets pack it up, its gonna rain in three min. I know to trust him, and as soon as we got in the door it poured, it was really funny watching the people stuck in the rain, but really , they wouldn't have believed me any way!

  2. I nominated you for a Brillante Blog award. It's nothing serious (from what I can work out) but I enjoy reading your blog, and thought it wouldn't hurt to show some appreciation! :)

  3. How funny! My boyfriend can do this, but for some reason- I have a pretty good ability as well and I'd say sometimes I even beat him on the time guessing. The last comment is so funny though- "its gonna rain in three min"- my boyfriend said this exact thing in Costa Rica. "It's about to rain, I'd say about 20 minutes from now."

    I just enjoyed a week away as well and not one of our hotel rooms had a clock! It was surprisingly nice :)




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