Monday, 21 April 2008

A little about this blog

It feels strange to be writing this, as it's really a culmination of years of thinking that I really must get round to chronicling our life in some way, and quite frankly, I'm far too disorganised to manage to keep a paper diary! And, of course, it's also a way of reaching out to other women in my position.

I remember when we started this life (a very long time ago now) I was very scared indeed. Our relationship was pretty new, and all the time apart seemed insurmountable. I've always been an independent woman, and suddently this violent tugging I felt in my heart every time my husband walked out of our front door was deeply unsettling. Added to that, the neurosis I found myself dealing with for the first year or so knocked me for six. Suddenly the secure, ecstatically happy woman I knew myself to be become concerned about young, gorgeous hostesses and their flirtations, and I couldn't quite believe it.

But, as they say, time was a great healer, and I'm glad to say that those days are long gone. Our marriage has more than survived, in fact, it's better, it really is. All those things you go through, all that time apart, actually serve to make you cherish each other, to make you crave for each other, and trust me, that's great for a marriage!

Anyhow, I intend to use this blog to write about our experiences, issues that affect the industry, and also to (hopefully) encourage other women out there who might find themselves in the same situation. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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